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When you choose me as your  Luxury Villa Rentals expert, Sabrina Luxury Collection,  you benefit from my passion and from my belief that every minute of every day should provide us with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment.  

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How Luxury Villa Rentals Expert will improve Your Stay While On Vacation: Part 1

Vacation is supposed to be fun especially if you are spending it together with your family. That is why it should be as luxurious as it can be. A luxury can give you the best travelling time you and your family deserves to get. However, it is not easy to find a luxurious villa especially if you are not that accustomed or you do not have a lot of ideas about the place you are going. In cases like this, you need to talk with a luxury villa rentals expert.


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7 Day at Villa La tosca & Discover the Art of Wine in Bordeaux

A defining characteristic of the Bordeaux region is that it offers a tremendous variety of wines to accompany every dish, for every taste and every occasion. While the sweet wines heighten your senses and immerse you in aromas from the meal’s first moments, the reds are brilliant companions to meats. The whites bring out the culinary complexity of your fish, while the rosés can be enjoyed at any time, starting with the first cookouts and picnics of springtime.


So there is a Bordeaux wine for everyone, regardless of your preference. But behind this diversity lies a unique savoir-faire.


Enjoy a sumptuous week of fine dining and wine; 

at spectacular Villa La Tosca lapped by the serene Arcachon Bay Read More

5 Luxury Villas for rent Near Florence

Luxury Villa Rentals Italy Tuscany


"Never Say Never"

Florence is the magical getaway in Tuscany; full of heritage of the Renaissance with incredible art and architecture. Luxury Villa Rentals Expert Sabrina picked 5 fantastic luxury villa rentals that are located in Florence. From luxury retreats with views of the Dome and Giotto's Tower near Piazzale Michelangelo to the Chianti Valley. 

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Unique Luxury Villa Rentals

Do you dream of visiting an exotic location for your vacations? Are Caribbean beaches, exquisite islands, quite scenic places or just a place with a romantic setting and scenic beauty your idea of a vacation? Well if yes then you’ve landed on the right place. Here at Sabrina Luxury Collection you will find a full variety of luxury villa rentals that you can rent and spend your vacation royally. 

Here we will assist you in finding the perfect locations and luxury villas for rent  for your next vacation. We know and understand what luxury means to you and trust us, we will set you up in such style that you will never forget your luxury vacation experience with Sabrina Luxury Collection.

For most people its all about enjoying, making memories and having the best of their time when it comes to vacations. But when you are with us, we take your vacation ideas up several notches and induce the idea of royal luxury into them. By offering you luxury villa rentals at most of the exotic locations around the globe, we ensure that you not only have the best facilities at your disposal but also the best views of all. Also the luxury villas we list down for your vacation rentals are considered truly outstanding in all aspects. Equipped with personal pools, Jacuzzis, gardens and state of the art facilities, these villas also provide our guests with an access to all the local happenings, sights and culture in the neighbourhood. They seclude you with doors close but once you head out, you have the neighbourhood open for exploration.

Sabrina Luxury Collection is intent on redefining the concept of luxury travel and has been successfully doing that for quite some time now. We understand and cater to the specific needs of our clients and their lifestyles. So if you need a beautiful Luxury Villa Rental, Sabrina Luxury Collection will suggest and book you the Best!

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