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Luxury Villa Rentals  

Unique Luxury Villa Rentals by Sabrina


The appreciation of a new culture is what Sabrina Luxury Collection aims when planning a Cultural Travel.

Sabrina has travelled for many years and lived in different countries. What she keeps in mind is that travelling becomes unique if you experience the foreign culture like learning the language, understanding the locals life and at that point you become part of the culture of the country.

Cultural travelers leave their home environment at home, bringing themselves and a desire to become part of the culture they visit.

At Sabrina Luxury Collection, we emphasize what makes special the country you visit, we don't just recommend a museum or  gallery.

Italy is culture, Rome was built from the most powerful people during that time, they created Rome like everywhere else in Italy with only one goal...that people will appreciate and feel their philosophy forever, keep this in mind  when you visit and stay in Italy. 

Bali was established, and the heritage remains nowadays.

We take you to Italy's best itinerary. Our luxury travel specialist based in Italy will provide the best service. If you like to experience Italy, you should start from reading some books and learning some essential. 

Italian is a very romantic and not difficult language to learn. From talking about the heritage or the food, you will for sure not forget your stay in Italy.

Bali is a mental and relaxing culture oriented destinations. You really want to try yoga from one of the patio Viceroy offers. No need to speak or talk..just breathe, relax and find yourself.

Sabrina Luxury Collection


starting $ 5200 per person/12 nights


starting $ 3200 per person / 7 nights