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Unique Luxury Villa Rentals by Sabrina

- Family Vacation -

Family Vacation can be a tough task to plan. We know how sometimes you feel like giving up to a nice destination while an "easier" one can be chosen, moreover boring and never end experience. At Sabrina Luxury Collection,  we know exactly because we have families, how exploring and facing different way to have vacation can reward your children and you.

When it comes to plan a vacation a nice rewarding exotic destination can be easier and no stressing than parking on the beach. When you have children who like to discover and explore, you really want to go ahead and look for a different venture.

When we plan your family vacation we consider many details like the ages of your children, their food preferences, their favorite hobbies and of course  your interests will be requested to.

This can be the vacation of your life.

Our favorite family vacation destinations and family travel experiences:

- Costa Rica, not only the Happiest Place in the Planet, but I can tell you one of my favorite kids friendly destinations. Your children can decide to go zip lining, horseback riding while you are relaxing at the hot springs. Surfing while your husband is fishing. The food offered in this small country is international due to the many foreigners living here. You can have a nice Italian pizza or try the local ceviche.

- Maldives, great playground for your children. Most of the villas and bungalows are located right in front of the beach where you can relax while your children can snorkeling. Renting a bike and visit the local area, booking a seaplane tour or the great tour in the submarine. Food again is not an issue here in the Maldives, international and with high international chefs serving this fabulous location.

- ItalyTake a family vacation in Italy and you’re visiting the original land of the bambino. Children are welcome in all of Italy’s beautiful destinations, and your pint-sized traveler will be thrilled by the color and verve of Italy: the canals and gondoliers of Venice, the cliffs and beaches of the Amalfi Coast, the wonderful piazzas of Rome, the ancient villages Tuscany—and gelato is everywhere.



3250 per person/8 days



starting $ 2200 per person (including tours of Tuscany)



starting $ 2450 per person/7 days