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Unique Luxury Villa Rentals by Sabrina

Golf Collection 

At Sabrina Luxury Collection,  we offer an extensive collection of impressive places where you can stay with on-site golf courses.

You will find different packages, and if your interest is not only for golf we will arrange other activities for you.

In Costa Rica,  you can round out your itinerary with fishing and hiking in the jungle, for example. Italy, a true paradise for golf lovers like Lake Como.

Our favourites locations for golf:

Costa Rica and its golf courses are gaining world notoriety for their exquisite design in harmony and observation of the ecological conditions of each region. Keeping in line with Costa Rica's image as an ecological destination, the development of Costa Rica golf courses has been in tune with the country's conservation policies. Many of the newest courses are nestled within forests and observe the ecological balance of the regions in which are built.

Bali: golf in Bali symbolises relaxation and it is a great way to relieve stress.

Italy: your golf vacation can also be by Italy’s obvious tourist vocation, history, arts and sightseeing attractions. Historic monuments, buildings of architectural importance, famous museums, sculptures and paintings – no need to get into detail here! With some of the best wine and food offered in this beautiful country.



10 Days/5,800 per person


12 Days/ 8,250 $ per person

Your journey will be private and customized based on your schedule, budget, and interests.