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Guide to Amalfi Coast 

Sabrina Luxury Collection's Amalfi Coast
Travel Guide

  • view of Amalfi Coast
    view of Amalfi Coast
  • visiting a winery above the cliffs
    visiting a winery above the cliffs
  • bay of Salerno
    bay of Salerno
view of Amalfi Coast
view of Amalfi Coast

General Information

Amalfi Coast is an example of a Mediterranean landscape combining of great beauty and gripping drama: coastal mountains plunge into the sea in a stunning vertical scene of precipitous crags, picturesque towns and lush forests.

Legendary Positano and Amalfi are among the glittering string of coastal gems, while mountaintop Ravello has the glossy fame of its grandiose villas and Wagnerian connection. 

Amalfi Coast gateway Sorrento is a handsome and venerable cliff-top resort that has miraculously survived the onslaught of package tourism.

Aside from its sheer beauty, the region is home to some superb restaurants and hotels. It is also one of Italy’s top spots for hiking, with well-marked trails providing a great means of getting away from the coastal clamour.

Expect to be surprised...

Expect to be enchanted...

Expect to come away wanting more... 

This is what Amalfi Coast does best and we hope it will do it for you!

“Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”

~John Steinbeck


The Amalfi Coast remained relatively isolated until recent times, and could only be reached by sea. It was made more accessible to visitors from the construction of the Amalfi Coast road (the Amalfi Drive) which was started in 1815 by Ferdinand II of Bourbon. It is the only road that runs along the coast, and connects all the main resorts from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east. Today, a trip along the coastal road, now known as Highway 163 and referred to as the "Nastro Azzuro" (Blue Ribbon) because of the colour of the sea, which is always in sight, is a highlight of any visit to the Amalfi Coast. The road clings to the cliff-face, climbing past headlands and dipping down to the sea to reach tiny fishing villages.

The Amalfi Coast remained the preferred haunt of explorers, artists, composers, writers, celebrities, and poets, who were still attracted by its relative remoteness, until the 1950's. It was then popularised by John Steinbeck, who wrote about Positano that "it is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone". Today it is popular with thousands of tourists each year and has become one of Italy's major tourist attractions. http://www.uniquecostiera.com/naplesAmalfiCoastHistory.html

The Climate 

Amalfi Coast in the Campania region of southern Italy has the typical Mediterranean climate. The weather turns quite hot in Summer; cool and damp in the winter. It can be foggy along the coast in winter, although there will also be bright, sunny days which will be tolerable due to the usually mild evening temperatures.

The best time to visit is April-June and September-October, when temperatures are the most pleasant.  Read On

Getting to Amalfi Coast 

The nearest airport is Naples Capodichino, approximately 60km from the Amalfi coast. 

The airport is run by Gesac. On their website you can find all the information on flights, including live departures/arrivals: www.gesac.it

You may choose to fly Alitalia to Italy—as the national flag carrier, it has the greatest number of nonstops. However, domestic and international carriers, such as Meridiana, Air Italy, EasyJet, and Air Berlin may have direct connections between Naples and destinations in other European countries and slightly cheaper flights within Italy.

Meridiana connects New York's JFK Airport to Naples's Aeroporto Capodichino once a week from late June to early September (it also flies to Palermo). Alitalia (operating with Air One) offers an extensive schedule of daily flights connecting Naples with the major international hubs of Rome and Milan, as well as Bologna, Catania, Genoa, Palermo, Trieste, Turin, and Venice. It also offers nonstop flights to Italy from the United States as part of a transatlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM and Delta. Alitalia has direct flights to Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York City, and seasonal flights to Los Angeles. Domestic connections to Naples are also handled by other carriers, such as EasyJet (Milan Malpensa and Venice), Meridiana (Catania, Cagliari, Alghero, Olbia, Milan Linate, Turin, and Verona) and Lufthansa (Milan Linate). For connections from abroad, Alitalia also offers direct flights from Athens, Vueling offers a daily flight from Barcelona, and Air Berlin competes with Lufthansa on direct flights from German airports. Several other carriers link major European cities with Naples—for instance, British Airways offers a direct route from London-Gatwick, and Transavia serves connections from Amsterdam and Paris. Other connections are offered between Naples and Dublin (Are Lingus), and Budapest and Prague (WizzAir).


Aer Lingus (02/43458326 from Italy; 516/6224222 from U.S. www.aerlingus.com.)

Air Berlin (199/400737 within Italy. www.airberlin.com.)

Alitalia (800/223–5730 in U.S.; 892/010 in Italy; 06/65640 Rome office. www.alitalia.it.)

British Airways (800/247–9297 in U.S.; 02/69633602 in Italy. www.britishairways.com.)

EasyJet (+44330/3655454 from outside U.K.; 199/201840 in Italy; 0330/3655000 from inside U.K. www.easyjet.com.)

Meridiana (892/928 call center; 866/751–4499 from U.S.; 0871/222 9319 from U.K.www.meridiana.it.)

Transavia (899/009901. www.transavia.com.)

Vueling (899/399 888 within Italy. www.vueling.com.)

Wizz Air (899/018874 within Italy. www.wizzair.com.)

Amalfi Cars (www.amalficar.it) is a trustworthy and reputable car service based in Amalfi that offers airport transfers as well as being on-call to drive visitors around the surrounding areas, including Pompei, Positano, Siena, Portofino and Venice, in comfortable, air conditioned cars.

If your final destination are towns south of Amalfi or Salerno itself, you might consider taking a direct train from Naples to Salerno. The train ride takes less than 40 minutes. From Salerno, you have the option of taking the SITA bus to other towns on the Amalfi coast, including Vietri sul Mare, Maiori, Minori and Amalfi.

Time to Salerno: 30 minutes (fastest train). One-way ticket cost to Salerno: €15 (less if booked in advance). Operates: year-round.

or a private shuttle 

The cost is roughly 120 euro for a luxury, air-conditioned sedan. You will be met at the airport or train station and taken directly to your villa.

Two companies I recommend are:

amalfi coast

Airport pic click on the image for a larger view


Classic Amalfi Coast Recipes

Getting to Capri

If you book a villa in Capri the best ferry companies are very limited from mid-September until late April/Early May, however in summer season there is regular ferry service around the Bay of Naples, between all of the Amalfi Coast towns and connections to Naples and Salerno. 

Alilauro is the most user friendly ferry service. 

From Naples Beverello there is service to Sorrento where you can catch another ferry onward to Positano or Amalfi.

NLG (English site) operates from Beverello to Capri with connections from Capri to Positano and Amalfi. 

Gescab operates from Beverello to Capri and Sorrento.

TravelMar connects Salerno with the towns along the Amalfi Coast – Maiori, Minori, Almalfi, and Positano

Lucibello is a Positano based ferry (and private boat rental) company. They have service between Positano to Amalfi and Capri.

Or request a yacht luxury transportation service at [email protected]

Water-sports in Amalfi Coast

Scuba Diving

Those looking to try their hand at scuba diving or snorkelling should head to the Villagio Nettuno. The diving Sorrento school there offers PADI courses for beginners as well as a selection of wonderful dives for experienced divers. Whether you're looking for a night dive, a wreck dive or even an underwater photography course, all are included in the wide number of courses on offer.

For Children

 The 'Bubblemaker' courses at the school cater for children aged 8 and older. Or, for those children looking to increase diving experience, there is the 'seal team' course, offering diving training in a fun and safe environment whilst the children are tasked with fulfilling various aqua missions.

Another way to get around on the water is to hire a jet ski. There are a number of companies offering jet ski hire, among them www.amalfiboatrental.com. For those that like to be out on the water but stay dry, this company also offer boat hire. You can hire a boat or dinghy with or without a skipper.

Or, if you are simply looking to have an amzing day on the water, we reccommend Amalfisails, a sailboats and motorboats charter company based in Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast, which offers boat rentals, yacht charters and private water taxis to the island of Capri, Sorrento, Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.  They can also offer sightseeing boat trips complete with skipper as well as tours and cruises to the island of Capri. Their fleet ranges from a 6 metre dinghy all the way up to a 21 metre yacht. All the crew are fully qualified and speak English. For more informatin, head to www.amalfisails.com.


Kitesurfing is now also very popular in this area. Kanna Kitesurf is a company offering kitesurfing lessons in the area. They offer both private and group lessons for beginners as well as equipment hire for experienced kitesurfers. When there you can also try your hand at wakeboarding or windsurfing.


Windsurfing can also be enjoyed at Amalfi at the Amalfi Windsurfing Club. Lessons are available for childern aged 10 years and upwards as well as adults. The club also offers canoe hire, ideal for exploring along the Amalfi coastline and discovering those hidden coves and beaches. Waterskiing and wakeboarding are also on offer.

Jet sky

Another way to get around on the water is to hire a jet ski. There are a number of companies offering jet ski hire, among them www.amalfiboatrental.com. For those that like to be out on the water but stay dry, this company also offer boat hire. You can hire a boat or dinghy with or without a skipper.


During this tour you will be able to reach the most concealed places and private beaches.

Privacy guaranteed because boats and pedestrians simply can’t arrive there. The Fjord of Furor, Santa Croce Beach, the Devil's Grotto, and the Marmorata Falls, are just a few of the most beautiful places you will see along your trip down the coast.

As far as timing is concerned, you can choose: according to your level of experience and itinerary preference, you can enjoy either a half or full day excursion. Snacks and fresh local fruit are provided to give you the energy for a marvelous, long lasting paddle.

Great also under the moon light. 

Stand Up Paddle Tour

Relax and enjoy sightseeing, gently paddling from beach to beach, glide on clear water and discover hidden bays and spectacular spots, surrounding by the breathtaking scenery with the bright blue skies overhead. The Stand Up Paddle Board Touris a great way to explore the Divine Coast with your friends and family. This is an activity that anyone can do and enjoy with no experience! Refresh both your mind and body,  join us for a full or half day excursion. Before each departure there will be a short briefing. Suggested company 

Fishing tour

An amazing tour  over the sea and its traditions, practicing the traditional fishing activity with assistance of nice friendly native fishermen. Try to learn the different fishing techniques choosing among our three types of local fishing: The Squid Fishing, which takes place at night and a special fishing line, named “Totanara” is used. It is a great emotion to see a just catched Red Squidemerging from the sea, a unique experience for adults and children; The Tow Fishing to catch Blue Fishes like amberjack, tuna, saddled bream, and pilot fish; The Bolentino Fishing for  Blue Fisheslike horse mackerel, mackerel, sea bream.


Amalfi Coast for Children

http://www.campaniartecard.it/ The Campania ArteCard

The Campania ArteCard, available for purchase at local tourist offices, bus & train stations, newsstands, and museum ticket booths, offers families an unlimited pass for local transportation as well as nice discounts on admittance to most historical sites, museums, and local attractions. 

Cratere degli Astroni is one of the few well-preserved craters of the whole Phlegraean fields.  It represents what in geology is defined as a caldera, i.e. a large depression of the Earth’s surface today occupied by deep a thick and well-preserved woodland and lakes that makes the Phlegraean fields a unique place in the world.

Complete your family’s naturalistic exploration of the Campania with a visit to the Citta della Scienza science museum and planetarium in Bagnoli, also between Naples and Pozzuoli, which hosts permanent and special interactive exhibits for kids along with fun workshops and a play area.

The majestic Doric temples, illuminated by sunlight and the long coastal strip, brushed by a sparkling sea, are the elements which make Paestum a charming place in which you can spend your holidays.

In Amalfi, kids can explore the history of paper making  a regional tradition of different degrees throughout Italy, at the Museo della Carta (Paper Museum), in an ancient local paper mill. The exhibits include antique equipment used in papermaking along with documents and exhibits on the history of this important craft.


Romance In Amalfi Coast

What is better than a Special Amalfi Coast honeymoon memory? Amalfi Coast is the one of the most romantic place if you you are after romance. Click here and find 3 romantic ideas how to enjoy your time with your Amore!!

Golf In Amalfi Coast

In Pontecagnano (SA), just 40 km from Amalfi:  the Golf Club Salerno, consisting of nine uncovered positions, and five covered, putting green, chipping green, a path three- hole par 11 and bunkers. The club offers professional instructors that will plan a course  including  private or group lessons, depending on the needs and expectations of the game. Clubhouse, bar, pro shop and equipment rental service are also available.

The Volturno Golf of Castel Volturno (CE) with its 18-hole golf course that winds through 50 acres of rolling terrain, full of dunes and water obstacles: a journey extraordinarily evocative, with the first nine holes immersed in the pine forest and the back nine built on sandy ground near the sea. The Volturno Golf has a great clubhouse with bar, pro shop, equipment rental and a storage.

The Mirabella Golf Club of Mirabella Eclano, in the province of Avellino, just 1 hour and a half by car from the most famous locations of the Amalfi Coast. The course, a nine-hole one with approval of the standard Italian Golf Federation, has a total length of 3’700 meters, par 62, and is equipped with double tees for each hole.

Shopping in Amalfi Coast

Gastronomic delicacies, designer ceramics, and glamorous beachwear: an insider guide to shopping on the Amalfi Coast and ideas for the perfect souvenir. Read On

Maps of Amalfi Coast 

Start Planning your Trip with our maps....

Cruise routes

Positano Map

Capri Island

Amalfi Coast Map

Sorrento Where to Eat

Amalfi Coast Hiking Map

Entry Requirements Italy

A valid passport is required. Italian authorities may deny entry to travelers who attempt to enter without a valid passport. A visa is not required for tourist stays up to three months. However, for all other purposes, such as work, study, etc., a visa is required and must be obtained from the Italian Embassy or Consulates before entering Italy. For further information concerning visas and entry requirements, travelers may contact the Embassy of Italy at 1601 Fuller St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009, tel: 202-328-5500 or via the internet: http://www.italyemb.org, or Italian Consulates General in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, or San Francisco, accessible through the above Internet site.

Under Italian law, tourists are required to register with a local police station and obtain a "permesso di soggiorno" (permit to stay) within eight working days of their arrival, regardless of the intended length of stay. Visitors may be required to show police that they have sufficient means of financial support. Credit cards, ATM cards, travelers' checks, prepaid hotel/vacation vouchers, etc. may be evidence of sufficient means.
In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have initiated special procedures at entry/exit points. These often include requiring documentary evidence of relationship to the person traveling with the child and permission for the child's travel from the parent(s) or legal guardian not present. Having such documentation on hand, even if not required, may facilitate entry/departure.