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At Sabrina Luxury Collection,  we can tailor your wedding and honeymoon to your desires. If you want a traditional dance troupe, you've got it, or if you want breakfast in bed the morning after, spa treatments by the sea or you love the idea of setting sail to a private island, Nautical wedding options are available and we can send you some great ideas and site. The love island located near the Catalina island can be the perfect wedding setting for you.

Get inspired by the videos shot by Ray Roman film  http://rayromanfilms.com/.

Our Wedding Specialist will listen to what your vision is and give you individual suggestions. Our destinations are perfect for your wedding day. Maldives unique if you like to have a private wedding, renting a private island, Italy has a variety of sites. My wedding was held in a very special place. Crotone was the setting for my wedding. My husband is from this beautiful antique town located in Calabria, in the Mar Ionio, Italy. Crotone is located at the extreme South. The Greeks lived in this town, many years, in ancient time and built a temple to Era Lacinia, Zeus's wife. Only one column is left from the temple, and where the temple was, now there is a nice small white church called Madonna di Capocolonna. Our wedding was arranged on a nice and warm day in the month of August. The sky was blue, no clouds, wind blowing from the Mediterranean. I picked sunflowers, first of all because it is my favorite flower and second because August is the month for sunflowers and you can have plenty and beautiful sunflowers.

The spot is magical. The church is right on a cliff, and around the Mediterranean Sea, the church is white and sparkles with the sun shining on it. My husband was at his family home. I was staying in a nice hotel, in the center of the city. Very nice place where my family and friends stayed. That day was wonderful. The people living there are nice and warm and were waiting for me to exit the hotel to clap their hands and congratulate.

Everything was perfect. There is a nice road that takes you to the church and plenty of space for parking.

There, it was this beautiful small church in the middle of the Mediterranean, where the Greeks used to devote their Gods and write poems at the temple, where Pitagora wrote the theorem. I thought I was watching a movie.

The music I chose was the Ave Maria of Schubert played by a group of trumpets players. That was very touching. I was ready to get married to a fantastic man.

Our photo shoot was taken by  the harbour at sunset and at the ancient Spanish Castle. You can check a couple of pics on this page.

I share this story with you because I believe we need to have some good things and positive stories to read.

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